Cherry Patch II is all about satisfaction. A little over twenty years ago a visitor to Las Vegas thought he was taking a pretty hooker to bed. What he was doing was being a sucker, he got robbed by the hooker and her male partner who owned a Smith & Wesson. That visitor came back to Nevada, bought some property just outside of Las Vegas, and opened a brothel, a legal brothel.

Gathering a Posse of ladies who knew the business of sex, they selected the name: Cherry Patch II. That posse of pleasure also laid out (notice our play on words like "posse" and "laid") a manual of procedures for all the gals to follow. This manual is still in existence. Of course through the years it has been updated and reworked, refined if you will.

Fact is, there's a Menu that Cherry Patch II have published which is available on the Internet.

When Cherry Patch II opened it was an unqualified hit. Pretty girls offering everything imaginable to satisfy their man.

Whatever's your pleasure: "How many of us do you want?"

The proof of the Posse is in the pudding and Cherry's pudding has been sweet and successful.

One of Cherry Patch's legendary girls, Inez, said it best when she told us, "It ain't bragging if I'm the best at keeping a man harder than even he thought possible."

She proved her point more than once. There are so many pretty girls to choose from; so many things they will do for you. All you want, whenever you want.

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CHERRY PATCH BROTHELS is listed as a Hot Spot of Nevada.

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